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Garrett and his grandmother showed up to the Italian restaurant they had waited all summer to try. When they realized they couldn't eat there because there were too many stairs for his grandmother to climb and there were no grab bars in the restroom (despite making a reservation and asking these questions over the phone in advance), they decided there must be a better way.

Thus, TravelEZ was born! Giving people the information they need beforehand so they can enjoy the good parts of exploration and travel without the unnecessary stress and hassle that can accompany it.


TravelEZ is the mission to make the world accessible, and the amazing community that is making this happen. TravelEZ is making it easier for this community to do incredible things by providing the tools and connections to make our impact far-reaching, visible, and lasting. is your go-to place for anything accessibility. Read up on current events in the accessibility world, learn from other wheelchair users, find the best restaurants in your neighborhood, weekly curated articles, the list goes on and on! Join our newsletter to be the first to find out about new articles! is NYC’s #1 accessibility website - it is basically Yelp for wheelchair accessibility! You can use it to search 500+ restaurants, bars, and cafes in NYC to find a venue that matches your accessibility needs.

The future of TravelEZ: While the site will focus only on restaurants at the beginning (who doesn’t love food??), we plan on adding other types of content in the near future.